Our Mission, Goals & Priorities

The Health Policy Corporation of Iowa (HPCI), formed in 1982, is an independent non-profit organization of employers and other purchasers applying solutions to improve the quality and affordability of health care in Iowa. HPCI has identified two goals and is engaged in a joint initiative in Iowa to address fundamental issues in the health care system through targeted efforts and the use of sound purchasing and quality improvements principles.

Goal 1: Employers and other purchasers receive the greatest value for dollars invested in health care in local markets and providers receive economic and other incentives to improve performance.

Goal 2: Contribute to improvements in the health of the community.

Individual employers and other purchasers use many strategies for addressing health care costs and quality on their own. HPCI adds value by helping focus attention and mobilize actions that are best done on a collective or coalition basis involving numerous employers, other purchasers and consumers across Iowa markets.


  1. Promote Measurement and Transparency – with transparency comes clarity and accountability Meaningful comparative performance information assists purchasers and consumers with wise decision making. It also is an important catalyst for needed change and improvement in health care.
    • Support public disclosure of health provider’s quality, cost, and outcomes of care.
    • Sponsor the Greater Iowa Leapfrog Group Regional Rollout and Hospital Safety Scores
    • Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the National Quality Forum.
  2. Develop and expand the Iowa HealthScores website.
  3. Work the Iowa General Assembly, Governor’s Office, state department leaders and others on key policy issues that promote our goals and priorities.
  4. Empower, inform and engage consumers/employees - “Consumerism”.
    • Engage employees/consumers to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors and make informed decisions.
    • Partner with the Choosing Wisely Campaign aimed at avoiding waste or unnecessary care.
    • Research and report on plan design changes including HSAs, integrated benefits and value-based benefits.
  5. Carry-out education, research and communications.
    • Publish HPCI News twelve times per year with distribution to over 300 Iowa leaders.
    • Hold webinars and seminars from time to time
    • Conduct research on key health issues at the state and local levels.
    • Carryout news media communications.
  6. Collaborate with providers, health plans, consumer groups and purchasers.
    • Engage stakeholders to develop and deploy quality-drive, value-based health care with measurement and transparency of quality, patient safety, cost, and outcomes of care
    • Encourage and recognize Lean transformation in Iowa’s health industry.
  7. Serve as a resource to HPCI members/investors.