HPCI News: Real Healthcare ‘Consumerism’ Begins with Legitimate Transparency

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In a recent blog, David P. Lind wrote on Real Healthcare “Consumerism” Begins with Legitimate Transparency. It featured the new Iowa Health Scores. Highlights:

  • Almost without exception, price transparency works extraordinary well in consumer markets. When it is coupled with quality metrics and easily available for public scrutiny, consumers ultimately determine which products will become successful. The exception? Health care.
  • But health care is changing, albeit very slowly. Just last week CMS issued a final rule that hospitals are required to post online a list of their standard charges beginning January 1, 2019.
  • As we continue to break the code on transparent pricing, we must also focus on quality. Recently a new website went live for Iowans that compares 50 greater Iowa hospitals that encompass over 90% of hospital claims incurred by Iowa employers. The tool, Iowa HealthScores. See link below.

Click here::https://dplindbenchmark.com/real-healthcare-consumerism-begins-with-legitimate-transparency/

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