HPCI News: Iowa Health Plan Users Group Responses to Leapfrog

To: Members and Selected Others

Of Iowa’s four major health plans, three support and participate with Leapfrog. They are United Healthcare, Aetna (Coventry) and Cigna. Wellmark has chosen not to support Leapfrog.

The Leapfrog Group has just concluded its 2016 Health Plan Users Group process in which they ask health plans to tell them how they are promoting Leapfrog’s goals of hospital safety and quality with their contracted hospitals as well as with employers and their enrollees. This year’s scorecard was largely the same as last year’s with one exception- a question on Never Events was added to start getting a sense of how plans are treating these events when they do occur, in advance of Leapfrog’s planned Never Events Campaign in 2017.

As we enter the new year it would be great to see these health plans continue to make improvements on these measurements and for Wellmark to join in as well. Iowa employers and other customers can help make this happen. Hope they do. Have a great new year!

Paul M. Pietzsch, MPH
HPCI - IHBA Office
4430 Ashley Park Drive
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
(515) 778-6300

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