HPCI News: Grading Iowa Hospitals and Physicians - A "Silent Voice" No More

To: Members and others

A new study was recently released showing Iowa employer views of Iowa hospitals and physicians on twelve (12) key performance indicators. The results were part of the 2013 Iowa Employer Benefits Study, the 15th annual study conducted by David P. Lind Benchmark and Heartland Health Research Institute. They are included in a comprehensive white paper titled Voices for Value: Iowa Employer Perceptions of the Iowa Health Provider Community. The Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI) is the sole sponsor of this white paper. Overall hospital and physician performance grades:

Performance Indicator Hospital Physician
Keeping cost reasonable D- D
Cost transparency D+ C-
Medical outcomes transparency C- C
Coordination of care C C
Efficiency C C
Focus on wellness & health promotion C C
Ability to engage patients C C+
Consistent quality of care C+ C+
Electronic health records C+ C+
Concern for patient satisfaction C+ B-
Trust hospitals/physicians B- B
Access to services B B-

In his April 18th blog, David Lind stated that this section of the study reveals compelling information that is both fascinating and relevant to Iowa employers and the to the entire state of Iowa. This type of study is a first of its kind in Iowa - perhaps in the country. A silent voice? Yes, but no longer.

More information can be found at www.DPLindBenchmark.com.

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