HPCI News: 2013 Iowa Employer Benefits Study

To: Members and selected others

Highlights from the 2013 Iowa Employer Benefits Study:

  • Despite health reform challenges, employers not likely to drop health coverage
  • Iowa employers report a health insurance premium increase of 9% overall
  • 53% of Iowa employers currently plan to encourage the use of high-quality hospitals and physicians through plan design requirements or by lower cost-sharing
  • The overall percentage of Iowa employers offering health coverage dropped to 77% From 81% in the 2012 study. A greater percentage of smaller employers with fewer than 20 employees reported not offering health coverage in the 2013 survey
  • Passing some or all of the increased costs to employees remains high as a likely cost containment strategy (57%)

What will 2014 bring? It will be interesting. See link below.


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