HPCI News: Chartbook on the Quality and Financial Performance of the Health Industry in Greater Iowa Area

To: Members and selected others

The Health Policy Corporation of Iowa recently announced the availability of a new fact-based report as a resource for all Iowans. It presents meaningful information and trends on the quality and financial performance of the health industry in Iowa and the surrounding market area.

This Chartbook is a compilation of key results from many of the important studies that have been done. "Our aim is to give an overview of the health industry's performance using accurate, meaningful and relevant information from the most reliable and recent data sources possible" said Dale Andringa, M.D., Medical Advisor, Vermeer Corporation.

The goal is to help promote improvement in the quality and cost (affordability) of health care for Iowans by providing knowledge and understanding of results and to encourage transparency through public reporting.

Doctor Ernest Moy, Medical Officer, Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality expressed his great delight of the Chartbook saying "Wow, this is fabulous. I don't know of a State report with as much solid data."

Among the reports insights and common themes are:

  • There are many positive aspects of the greater Iowa health industry and tremendous opportunities for improvement.
  • Health care cost in Iowa is about the same as the national average and growing at an unsustainable rate.
  • There is wide variation in the quality of care in Iowa.
  • There is very little public information available describing the quality, cost or financial performance of individual physicians and group practices.
  • More and better cost information is needed. Consumers and patients are seeking more information on how much they would need to pay for health care services and equipment.
  • Health information technology has the potential to dramatically improve health care as well as to increase information and knowledge.
  • Increased transparency and public reporting on the cost and quality of care is essential. With transparency comes clarity and accountability.

The HPCI Chartbook Steering Committee is made-up of representatives from six Iowa companies: American Enterprise Group, CDS Global, Hy-Vee, Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, Transamerica and Vermeer.

This is the first of what is planned to be many such resources released by HPCI. It establishes a baseline so that change and progress can be measured over time. Also, specific issues and priorities can be identified for improvement by all interest groups and organizations. HPCI intends to follow-up with action steps as well.

The Chartbook is available on the HPCI website - www.hpci.org.

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