Iowa Leapfrog Group Rollout for 2011-2012

To: Iowa Leapfrog Group Project Supporters

From: Paul

Attached is a sample of the letter and The Leapfrog Group Fact Sheet that were recently mailed to hospital CEO's as part of the 2011-12 rollout. A total of 44 hospitals in greater Iowa were included in this mailing and are being requested to participate this year. They represent over 80% of the hospital costs in greater Iowa.

I want to give a special thanks to Becky Dunk for chairing the Iowa Leapfrog project this year and to those who signed-on to these letters. Your names are shown at the bottom of the letter.

We had a breakthrough this year. Grinnell Regional Medical Center was recognized as a top hospital and their CEO stepped-up in support of the Leapfrog Group. Todd Linden is encouraging other Iowa hospital CEO's to report. See paragraph six in the attached letter. Recognition and support of Leapfrog is increasing all the time.

Thanks again for your interest and support. If you would like more information, please let me know.

Paul M. Pietzsch, MPH
HPCI - IHBA Office
4430 Ashley Park Drive
West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
(515) 778-6300