About Us

Mission and Goals

Health Policy Corporation of Iowa (HPCI) is a coalition of employers and other purchasers developing joint initiatives, conducting research and education, and applying solutions to improve the quality and affordability of health care in Iowa.

HPCI has identified two goals and is engaged in joint initiative in Iowa to address fundamental issues in the health care system through collaborative efforts and the use of sound purchasing and quality improvements principles.

Goal 1: Employers (purchasers) receive the greatest value for dollars invested in health care in local Markets and providers receive economic and other incentives to improve performance.

Goal 2: Contribute to improvements in the health of the community.

Individual employers and other purchasers use many strategies for addressing health care costs and quality on their own. HPCI adds value by helping focus attention and mobilize actions that are best done on a collective or coalition basis involving numerous employers, other purchasers and consumers across Iowa markets.

Three Levels of Involvement

  • Steering Committee
    The Steering Committee provides guidance, assistance and advice.
  • Task Forces
    Task forces are aligned with HPCI’s goals and priorities. Each takes on its own form based on the specific action plan undertaken and energy of the group and creates its own structure, i.e., action plan, chair/vice chair, meetings, staff, resources, etc. All task forces are fairly autonomous with a communication link to the Executive Office and Steering Committee.
  • Corporate Briefings
    Participate in periodic briefing on key issues and priorities. Provide advice and strategic direction. Indicate areas where HPCI can be of assistance to the member.

Communication and Special Events

Includes electronic updates on efforts under way, current events and issues; networking and sharing of experience and best practices; and seminars/presentations on topics of interest.

Guiding Principles

The HPCI organizational structure rests on a philosophy that membership in any level of leadership is always an open item and the structure is flexible enough to evolve over time. The intention is to be balanced in the inclusion of all groups of stakeholders wherever the action plan and energy and interest of participant’s permits. All levels of involvement operate from a common vision/high level goals and ground rules.


Mr. Paul M. Pietzsch MPH
HPCI is a private non-profit, independent organization formed in 1982 by Iowa leaders in the private and public sectors to develop and support initiatives which relate to cost containment, quality and access of health services in Iowa.

HPCI has been recognized nationally as an effective coalition developing health care purchasing initiatives, conducting meaningful research, data collection, analysis and education as well as providing leadership in setting community health goals.